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Check out my thoughts on Wheatgrass consumption featured in "The Beet"!

Can Maca Root have health benefits? Click on this piece to learn more based on my thoughts.

Are you an RD2BE? Click to listen to my exclusive interview on tips for applying for the dietetic internship process and more.

Ever wonder about the health benefits of turmeric consumption? Click here to learn more.

Plant-based meats have grown in popularity over the years, but are they actually nourishing for your body? Check out my thoughts.

Nutrition throughout the life cycle can be tricky, especially when menopause is a part of it. Click here to learn how you can best fuel yourself through any hormonal shifts during this time!

Want to support your body's energy levels? Read more about how to do that here.

Spring allergies got you down? Same here. Click here to learn about what foods might help alleviate some of your symptoms!

Thinking about juicing? Read this article first to see if it aligns with your goals!

Curious about some of my favorite said recipes? Click here to see what I make myself!

A beautiful feature on me, my background, and my eating habits on Healthified!

When is the best time to take your vitamins? Click here to find out.

Curious about how to maximise absorption? Click here!

What is the field doing to address systemic inequity? Click here to check out my thoughts.

Bloated? Click here to find out what might be the culprit!

Don't know when the best time of day is to consume spicy food? Check out this article for tips and thoughts!

Need tips on how and when to incorporate spices into your diet? Check out this article.

Having trouble tolerating certain spices? Check out this HuffPo article to learn more!

Questions on how to include bananas as a part of your diet? Check this out!

Consider including lassi in your diet after reading this article!

Check out my quote on life expectancy and healthy aging.

Interested in population health in Colorado? Check this out!

Interested in aging? Check this article out for how Utah residents fare compared to the national average!

The social determinants of health in Mississippi are of concern. Check this article out to understand why!

Want to learn more about intermittent fasting? Click here! 

Want to effectively change your behavior? Check this article out for tips!

Need gut healthy breakfast ideas? Check this out!

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